Through the PACT Center, various mentoring programs are available to postdoctoral scientists at GEOMAR. These differ in target group, objectives and duration.

The GEOMAR Buddy Program is aimed at postdocs and associated scientists who would like to act as mentors and support doctoral scientists.

COMPASS is a mentoring program for postdocs and science managers (e.g., project coordinators) ready to engage in strategic career building and decision making. The program is a cooperation of the seven Helmholtz Centres in the research field Earth & Environment. The entire program will be conducted in English.

The via:mento and via:mento_international mentoring programs at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel are aimed at female scientists who wish to pursue an academic career after successfully completing their doctorate.


GEOMAR Buddy Program

GEOMAR Buddy Program

  • The GEOMAR Buddy Program is designed for postdoctoral scientists who wish to mentor and support doctoral scientists while enhancing their skills and advancing their own careers through this experience.

    • Duration: October 2023 - March 2024, can be extended by mutual agreement
    • Effort: four one-hour mentoring sessions between mentors and mentees
    • 29.09.2023, 9:15 - 14:30 h, building 8, GEOMAR East shore: Buddy Day with workshops for mentors and mentees and speed-dating for matching of mentor-mentee pairs
    • 05.10.2023: Announcement of mentor-mentee pairs
    • Support Sessions with Steve Hutchinson (dates to be announced)

    Flyer Buddy Program 2023

  • As mentees doctoral researchers will receive support in getting to know the research environment, identifying their objectives, and finding the best ways to pursue their personal and professional growth to make the most out of their time at GEOMAR.

    Benefits for mentees

    • They are empowered and supported by respected members of the GEOMAR community in developing their potential.
    • It increases confidence in their work and future possibilities.
    • It gives them a greater awareness of their environment and current place.
    • It exposes them to new ideas and ways of thinking.
    • It helps them become more capable and effective decisionmakers.
    • It provides them with new strategies for dealing with personal and academic backlashes.
    • It expands their network.

    Download the information sheet for the GEOMAR Buddy Program here!

  • GEOMAR Postdocs and associated researchers help doctoral researchers to become part of Team GEOMAR. They ensure them a smooth and productive experience during this challenging time of their research life.

    Ideally, mentors devote time to at least one mentee (2 are possible); therefore, their commitment to the program will be at least 4 hours per six months plus individual time for regular supervision sessions.

    Benefits for Mentors

    • They train their skills as a supervisor: they gain first handson experience without having the full responsibility of a doctoral thesis project supervision.
    • They can exercise new ways of giving constructive feedback.
    • They can improve and diversify their communication and personal skills.
    • They create and establish new connections within GEOMAR.
    • They are exposed to new approaches and perspectives.
    • It can encourage them to renew ideas and perceptions of their leadership role.
    • An official certificate of the mentorship activity will enrich their CV portfolio and highlight their leadership skills.

    Download the information sheet for the GEOMAR Buddy Program here!

  • Postdocs, associated scientists and doctoral researchers who are interested in participating in the Buddy Program can register for Buddy Day here until September 21.

    If you are prevented from attending on that day but would still like to participate in the Buddy Program, please contact us. We will find a solution!

COMPASS Mentoring Program

COMPASS Mentoring Program

  • The COMPASS Mentoring program provides support in active and goal-oriented career development for postdoctoral researchers and science managers (e.g., project coordinators). Participants are guided in creating their individual career strategy and in acitvely finding their own mentor.

    Mentors can come from multiple professional fields, from academia as well as the industry, from public authorities or the non-profit sector.

    • Start: January 2023
    • Duration: 18 months
    • 3 - 6 meetings between mentor and mentee


    • Workshop I 12 & 13 January 2023 (presence)
    • Workshop II 11 & 12 May 2023 (online)
    • Workshop III  16 & 17 November 2023 (presence)
    • Workshop IV 23 & 24 May 2024 (online)


    An overview sheet with further information on the workshops is available for download here

    • Deadline for application: October 03, 2023
    • Start: January 2024
    • Duration: 18 months
    • 3 - 6 meetings between mentor and mentee


    • Workshop I 30 & 31 January 2024 (presence)
    • Workshop II 13 & 14 May 2024 (online)
    • Workshop III  07 & 08 November 2024 (presence)
    • Workshop IV 15 & 16 May 2025 (online)



    An overview sheet with further information on the workshops is available for download here

  • As a mentee of the COMPASS Mentoring program you will be supported in your active and goal-oriented career development. A framework program is specifically tailored to career situations in science and science management. The experts running the program will guide you to find a fitting mentor for your individual concerns. Mentors can come from any field, academia as well as the private sector, public authorities or the non-profit sector. Furthermore,you will have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with others at various events.

    Mentees have to invest time and energy in the mentee-mentor relationship and in the program and need a contract for at least 12 months during the program period. Furthermore your leader/PI must has been informed and consents.

    Download the information sheet for COMPASS mentees here!

  • As a mentor you support the mentees with your experience and knowledge to take their next career steps.

    What is a mentor?

    Someone who passes on their professional knowledge or experiential knowledge. COMPASS mentors can come from all professional fields, e.g. private sector, public authorities, the non-profit sector, freelancers and more.

    A mentor…

    • invests time and attention for their mentee.
    • engages with the mentee's concerns and contribute to their self-exploration.
    • provides feedback on plans and goals, addresses risks and encourages the mentee to share their own experiences.
    • shares their experiential knowledge and makes implicit knowledge transparent

    The program intents the participation of the mentors in one online workshop and 3 - 6 meetings with their mentees.

    Download the information sheet for COMPASS mentors here!

  • Join the Q&A Session for the COMPASS Mentoring Program. Ask us your questions about the mentoring program and gain valuable insights from mentees of the previous cohort. Don’t miss out!

    Zoom access data:

    Meeting ID: 616 3682 1061
    Passcode: 895229

  • The program is open to a maximum of 24 participants. Four places are available for GEOMAR.

    To apply for the program you need to fill in an application form and answer some guiding questions in Lime Survey until October 04, 2023.

  • The costs for the program will be covered by the PACT Career Center (1700 €). Travel expenses need to be covered by the mentee's research division (ca. 600 €). Please, check with your PI in advance.