Postdoc Academic Career Support (PACT)

Postdoc Lunch

The Postdoc Lunch is an informal meeting of postdoc scientists in temporary employment at GEOMAR.

The Postdoc Lunch takes place every two weeks on Tuesdays from 1:00 to 2:00 pm. At present only virtual. Information about the room will be communicated timely via the PACT-mailing list.

At each meeting, there will be a 20-minute information talk on "What every postdoc should know" followed by time for questions and general exchange.

Our new postdocs will be introduced and welcomed. 

We are an international research institute, so we will speak English during the Postdoc Lunch.


The Next Postdoc Lunch:

22. September 2020 - 13:00-14:00 h / 1-2 pm virtual

Representing the interests of the Postdoc community at GEOMAR

The Postdoc TEAM

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Previous Postdoc Lunches:

08. September 2020 - 13:00-14:00 h / 1-2 pm virtual

How do I find out what I am good at?

Dr. Susanne Gatti, AWI Bremerhaven


25. August 2020 

Should I get a Mentor to support my career?

Andrea Krönke and Dr. Christiane Kasack, EAF, Berlin


11. August 2020 

Own your Career Development!

Dr. Christiane Kasack


28. Juli 2020

  • The PACT-Center introduces itself and the career support.
  • As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts us all, the Postdoc speakers (Lavinia Patara and Allanah Paul) will give an overview about Covid-19 task force plans and give some additional information about measures taken by the funding agencies.


Upcoming topics : 

  • The Postdocs at GEOMAR: A Gremium taking influence (The Postdoc-Representatives)
  • Appreciative Communication (Dr. Steve Hutchinson, C4C, UK)
  • An overview about Forschungsförderung in Germany  (Dr. Alexandra Drossou-Berendes, GEOMAR)
  • What is "Nachwuchsförderung" at GEOMAR? (Dr. Anja Reitz, GEOMAR)
  • What is TVöD/TvL - Einstufungen and more (Personalverwaltung, GEOMAR)
  • What is the "Hochschulrahmengesetz" (Invited Speaker) 
  • How do I stay healthy? Work life balance? Imposter Syndrome ....
  • What if I become a mother/father? Can I do this with research? Real Life Reports...
  • Dual Career in Germany?


Auch wir machen ganz neue Erfahrungen. Notwendige Anpassungen an das Format und die Themen werden wir zeitnah gemeinsam vornehmen. Ideen, Probleme, Anregungen, Hilfe - egal was, alles ist willkommen und kann im Postdoc Lunch besprochen werden.