ERASMUS+: information and guidelines

The ERASMUS+ program is an European mobility/exchange program for students (detailed information at the International Center of CAU).

ERASMUS+ outgoing students:

ERASMUS+ program offers possibilities for CAU students to study some months in one of CAU partner universities within Europe. These periods are designed in a way that a minimum of 15 ECTS awarded at the partner university will be accredited and added to the students ECTS account at CAU.

The M. Sc. Biological Oceanography curriculum offers within third semester (WS) a mobility window to study abroad. This structure (attending 3. semester M. Sc. BiOc equivalent modules (for details contact M.Sc. BiOc study advice) at the ERASMUS partner university) ensures that students using the mobility window, can complete their curriculum without delay (application deadline: November 30, 2020 - contact ERASMUS+information (most important: contact the International Center of CAU early in WS ( Information events for the academic year 2020ERASMUS+ Guide for Students of Kiel University 2020-21, ZOOM Info Sessions ERASMUS+ 2021/22 and ERASMUS+ Online Registration for CAU Outgoings (also SEA EU) 2020/21)).

ERASMUS+ incoming students:

GEOMAR and the Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel (CAU) offer within the framework of ERASMUS+ for a limited number of students possibilities to participate in modules of M.Sc. Biological Oceanography.

All interested future ERASMUS+ students, together with their ERASMUS+ supervisor at the sending (home) university, first have to contact the International Center of the Christian-Albrechts-University (CAU), Kiel then GEOMAR at least six months in advance of the planned ERASMUS+ placement semester(s).

This is indispensable finding the best courses, to make sure that chosen courses will be given in the semester planned, that there are free capacities and to prevent "sudden" cancellations of courses due to e.g. possible change of staff, research sabbatical, parental leave etc. resulting in missing credits during your placement.

How to participate in M.Sc. Biological Oceanography courses within the ERASMUS+ framework?

To participate in M.Sc. Biological Oceanography courses within the ERASMUS+ framework follow the steps below:

  1. Look for courses of interest
  2. Talk to your local ERASMUS+ representative
  3. Fill out the ERASMUS+ learning agreement
  4. Contact the CAU ERASMUS+ representative (also concerning housing etc.)
  5. Contact GEOMAR with the result of 1. to 4.
  6. Adjust the ERASMUS+ learning agreement as suggested by the GEOMAR and CAU ERASMUS+ representatives
  7. Sign the adjusted the ERASMUS+ learning agreement (also by your local ERASMUS+ representative)
  8. Send the signed the ERASMUS+ learning agreement to GEOMAR and CAU to have it signed.
  9. Plan your stay in Kiel thoroughly after receiving the all-parties-signed ERASMUS+ learning agreement
  10. Welcome to Kiel

Only performing this procedure will give you the opportunity to take part in our courses.


  • Next application period is February 1 to April 30, 2021!

    More information at "how to aply"

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