Ships and Technology

On their expeditions with various research vessels, marine researchers use a wide variety of equipment to collect samples and information to answer physical, chemical, biological and geological questions. Autonomous underwater vehicles and measuring instruments roam the ocean and send data to the shore, where they are processed in real time. Moorings continuously record changes at key locations in the middle of the ocean. GEOMAR brings together expertise from different scientific and technical fields to keep equipment for marine research at the state-of-the-art and to develop innovations.



News about Ships and Technology

Research vessel POLARSTERN in the Antarctic during the "EASI-1" expedition. Photo: Marcus Gutjahr, GEOMAR

Research vessel POLARSTERN sets course for the East Antarctic

Expedition EASI-2 on ice sheet instabilities is led by GEOMAR

Two metal gripping arms

Exploring Inhospitable Depths

Expedition starts to unveil Red Sea's Hydrothermal Vents

A research vessel on a river

How does the River Elbe affect the German Bight?

Helmholtz researchers comprehensively analyse the transport of climate gases, environmental chemicals, nano- and microplastics and nutrients from the Elbe to the North Sea