Team Gender Equality & Diversity (GE&D)

Team Gender Equality & Diversity

The team GE&D has been located in the directorate since October 2021. It works closely with the other actors (Equal Opportunities Officers (EOOs), Representative for Disabled Persons (SBV), Women's Executive Board (WEB), Postdoc Team) and has been given the task of advancing the topics in the area of diversity. One of the main tasks of the team is to promote a regular exchange between all actors. In addition, the team works together with the directorate on further structures, such as the Gender Equality Committee, to support gender equality and diversity at GEOMAR.

In the area of gender equality, the primary task is to accompany the new Gender Equality Plan over its four-year term.

In March 2023, the "Staff for Diversity" network was founded at GEOMAR on the initiative of the team. The main objective is to start an open, transparent and inclusive dialogue on diversity and to give a voice to the groups concerned.

Furthermore, the successful reapplication for the third Total E-Quality award in 2023 was carried out.

Networking within the Helmholtz Association was initiated. Further networking is planned regionally in Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein

The Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter), signed by GEOMAR, supports an appreciative and unprejudiced working environment for all.




Since 2017, GEOMAR has held the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for the third time for its commitment to equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace.

The Helmholtz Association promote an atmosphere of respect and fairness, appreciation and belonging, and safety and openness. To drive these activities even further, Helmholtz have formulated concrete goals, expectations and measures in the Helmholtz Guideline on Diversity and Inclusion.

The Directorate has adopted the new second Gender Equality Plan (GEP) for GEOMAR.
It is valid for a period of four years and will be evaluated after two years at the latest.
The gender equality plan applies to all employees of GEOMAR. It deepens the foundations for the targeted promotion of women and the achievement of equal opportunities through personnel and organisational measures.