Scientific Council

The Scientifc Council is an internal scientific advisory committee.

The Chair is also member of the Consultatory Board of Directors


(1)      The Scientific Council advices the Board of Directors on important scientific­ matters­ concerning the Foundation.

(2)      The Scientific Council is obliged to promote the scientific affairs of the Foundation and to maintain the scientific collaboration between the research divisions and the interdisciplinary project groups. In particular, the Scientific Council can make recommendations for:

  • the multiannual research programmes,
  • the orientation of future fields of research,
  • the formation and dissolution of research divisions, central facilities of the scientific infrastructure and­ interdisciplinary project groups. 

(3)      The following shall be members of the Scientific Council:

a)  the Heads of the Research Divisions,

b)  the same number of representatives from the group of appointed professors from each research division,

c)  one junior professor or one employee with a post-doctoral degree­ from each research division,

d)  one staff scientist from each research division, elected for this position.

(4)    The members in accordance with Item 3 c to d shall be elected by the Foundation's­ staff scientists for a period of three years. Further details can be regulated in the election regulations issued by the Board of Directors.

(5)    The Scientific Council­ shall elect a Chairperson and a Deputy Chairperson from among its members. The Scientific­ Council has­ a­ quorum­ if two-thirds of its members,­ including the Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson, are present. Decisions­ shall be taken by a majority of the votes cast.

(6)    The Chairperson shall invite the members of the Scientific Council to a meeting at least twice­ a year or if the majority of the members makes­ a formal proposal to hold a meeting. The Chairperson­ shall send out the invitation, agenda and accompanying documents to the members and the Board of Directors no later than 14 days before the meeting.

(7)    The full-time members of the Board of Directors take part in an advisory­ capacity in the meetings­ of­ the Scientific Council. The Scientific Director­ informs the Scientific­ Council­ of important­ scientific­ matte­rs­ c­onc­ern­ing the Foundation.

Current members Scientific Council:  Intranet

  • Chair

    Prof. Dr. Lars Rüpke
    GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
    Wischhofstr. 1-3
    24148 Kiel
    Phone: +49 (0)431 600-2845
    E-Mail: lruepke(at)