Digital Research Services

The department Digital Research Services develops and provides advice and tools to support scientific data workflows. The department is organized in four teams: High Performance Computing, Research Data Infrastructure, Research Data Management and the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) team of Hub Earth and Environment.


GEOMAR Research Data Policy

The policy describes in detail the common principles of handling research data at GEOMAR - from datacollection to data archiving to re-use - and outlines the associated responsibilities.

The research data policy is an important milestone for our common goal to make our research data open and sustainably available for science according to the FAIR Principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). It was developed in consultation with the Extended Directorate and in accordance with existingguidelines in projects and higher-level guidelines, such as those of the Helmholtz Association or the German Alliance for Marine Research.

The data management team at GEOMAR supports researchers in the technical and organizational implementation of the guideline with consulting and established data management systems for the entire lifecycle of research data. An overview of the data management services for scientists can be found on our internal websites.

  • Digital Research Services
    Dr. Andreas Lehmann (Tel 0431 600 1566)

    Research Data Infrastructures
    Dr. Carsten Schirnick (Tel 0431 600 2294)

    Research Data Management
    Dr. Hela Mehrtens (Tel 0431 600 4025)

    High Performance Computing
    Dr. Andreas Lehmann (Tel 0431 600 1566)

    Metadata HMC
    Dr. Emanuel Söding (Tel 0431 600 4256)