Our Values: Cooperation and Internationalization

As a key player in global marine research, GEOMAR places a high value on internationalisation and cooperation. Respective efforts by GEOMAR staff are particularly supported, and access to funding and resources is further increased. In a growing international network, technology and knowledge transfer are advanced both within the scientific community as well as towards economy, society, policy. Capacity development around the globe boosts excellent research and creates new research opportunities on an international level. Engaging in developing countries, GEOMAR further supports global research and, in addition to that, explores new resources and forms of knowledge.

General aims

  • Conduct research around the globe and get access to and attract funding also at the global level.
  • Support academic excellence at GEOMAR by reaching out to the best pool of thinkers and capabilities (people, ideas and infrastructure)
  • Shape international research and be influential in driving research, policy, and knowledge transfer to all sectors (research, economy, society, policy)
  • Capacity development around the globe, which boosts excellent research internationally and creates research opportunities
  • Capacity development in developing countries around the globe; boosts global excellent research and brings in resources and different ways of thinking.