Administration Systems

The task of the Application Management Department is to organize and ensure the professional, coordinated, economic and qualified use of IT applications within the administration.

The aim is to offer an effective, user-oriented and process-supported service. This is achieved by (a) the joint development of requirements with the users of the applications and (b) on the basis of the development and application of norms and standards in the selection and use of IT applications.

The Application Management Department works along the management and administration processes of GEOMAR. This requires a natural and close coordination with the departments of the administration and the directorate.


  • Contact point

    Phone: +49 (0)431 600-1680
    Email: rz-info(at)

    CC support for staff (only internal):

    Head of IDCC

    Chief Information Officer
    Sören Lorenz (Tel 2270)


    West: Barbara Schmidt (Tel 1559)
    Ost: Heidi Düpow (Tel 2508)

    Digital Research Services
    Dr. Andreas Lehmann (Tel 1566)

    IT Services
    Dr. Rüdiger Kunze (Tel 2297)

    Administration Systems
    Alexander Schulz (Tel 2160)