•  Purchase Suggestion:

    You can find the "Purchase suggestion" in the Intranet!

    GEOMAR Library Cardholders are encouraged to suggest publications that they think the library should purchase and add to the collection.

    Although submitting a purchase suggestion does not guarantee that the item will be added to the collection, the library tries to accommodate these requests whenever it is possible.

    Before you send your purchase suggestion, please make sure that the title is NOT already in our library collection: Library Catalogue

    Please fill in as much information as you can about the item you would like the library to purchase.

    To the Academic Staff:

    Please do not forget to forward your students' lists of literature to the library to enable us to update our library collection!

    Extensive purchase suggestions can be send as email :


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    We offer several training courses for all users of the library.

  •  FSR - F(ür) S(ie) R(echerchiert)

    Handouts of the GEOMAR Library with different topics

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