SERVICE FACILITY Central Laboratory for Chemical Analysis

We see ourselves as a service facility for GEOMAR and offer our services for the following measurands within the scope of the established equipment:

  • Nutrients (nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, silicate) in seawater samples

  • Ammonium determination in seawater samples

  • Digestion of liquid samples (seawater) for the determination of TPN, BSi and POP

  • Fatty acids in solid samples

  • Stable isotopes (13C, 15N, 34S) in particulate matter

  • Elemental analysis (quantitative CN determination)We carry out sample measurements, provide advice and can also prepare samples for measurement if necessary.

We carry out sample measurements, provide advice and, if necessary, can also prepare samples for measurement.

We grant trained personnel of GEOMAR access to the analytical equipment to perform sample measurements themselves. (see terms of use)

The central laboratory ZLCA is located at GEOMAR, building ENB, laboratories 2.417/2.419/3.429, Wischhofstr.1-3 24148 

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Phone: 0151-19342290 or 0431-600-4413 or use a written request.