Multidisciplinary Basic Marine Research

Research vessel METEOR is used worldwide. Scientists from different disciplines work closely together on expeditions, and international cooperation between scientists plays an important role in the day-to-day activities on board. Scientists from 68 nations conducted research on board R/V METEOR during her first 50 expeditions.

Most of the expeditions take place in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterra­nean and Indian Ocean. METEOR can operate up to 50 days at sea without any port calls, allowing the up to 28 scientists on board enough time to use the 20 well-equipped laboratories. The ample deck space with 17 winches and cranes can be set up to satisfy the scientific needs of all scientific groups. Additional deck containers can be used as laboratories, and manned or unmanned submersibles can be deployed. METEOR and MARIA S. MERIAN are operated by the Control Station for German Research Vessels in Hamburg and managed by Briese Shipping, located in Leer, Germany.

Cruise schedule RV METEOR: https://www.ldf.uni-hamburg.de/en/meteor.html


    • Owner: Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
    • Year of construction: 1986
    • Home port: Hamburg
    • Operator: German Research Vessel Control Center
    • Tonnage: 4,280 GT
    • Draft: 5.6 m max.
    • Dimensions: Length: 97.5 m, Width: 16.5 m
    • Maximum speed: 12 kn
    • Engine power: 5,400 hp
    • Operating range: 10,000 nautical miles
    • Time at sea: 50 days
    • Crew: 33 persons | Science: 28 persons
    • Laboratories and scientific rooms: 20 laboratories on the main deck with a total of 400 square meters of space for the study of all physical, chemical, geological and biological ocean systems


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