Technology & Logistics Centre

The technology and logistics centre comprises the marine technological competence of GEOMAR. The TLZ is located in building 14 on the east shore campus, Wischhofstr. 1-3.

Tasks of this central facility are:

Important informations for chief scientists during the corona pandemic can be found on the following intranet page.

Scheduled missions for large-scale scientific equipment

The TLZ is also home of the large-scale sea-going infrastructure of GEOMAR. Detailed information on the equipment and the scheduled missions are given on the specific websites of the devices.


TLZ-Infoposter download PDF (englisch)

  • Scientific Head:

    Dr. Peter Linke
    GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
    Wischhofstr. 1-3
    24148 Kiel, Germany
    Phone: +49-431 600-2115
    Fax: +49-431 600-1601