News about Prizes & Awards

Congratulating on the Excellence Professorship were (from left to right) Dr. h. c. Klaus-Jürgen Wichmann (Petersen Foundation), GEOMAR Director Professor Dr. Katja Matthes and (from right to left) Dr. Christian Zöllner (Petersen Foundation) and GEOMAR Professor Dr. Mojib Latif. The recipient of the Excellence Professorship, Dr. Friederike Otto, is in the middle. Photo: Sarah Kaehlert/GEOMAR

Petersen Excellence Professorship for internationally renowned climate scientist

Dr. Frederike Otto is honored at the anniversary event marking the 25th anniversary of the Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen Foundation

Award winners and supervisors

Otto Krümmel Award 2021 honors outstanding bachelor theses

Due to the Corona pandemic, the award was conferred in fall 2022, in a live-reception at GEOMAR.

[Translate to English:] Award winner Lena Holtmanns and Dr. Uwe Krumme, representing Stefanie Haase

Marine research honors the present and commemorates the past

The Annette Barthelt Foundation awards scientific prizes 2022

Prizes and Awards at GEOMAR

At the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, a series of prizes are awarded each year, which are donated by various foundations.

These include:

  • German Ocean Award (donated by Deutsche Bank AG)
  • Excellence Professorships (donated by the Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen Foundation) (in German only)
  • Annette-Barthelt Award (donated by the Annette Barthelt Foundation) (in German only)
  • Otto-Krümmel-Award (donated by Society to Support GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel e.V. with support of the shipping company Briese)
  • GEOMAR Young Talent Award (donated by the Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen Foundation)
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