Manganese nodule with a deep-sea sponge. Expedition SO242. Photo: ROV KIEL6000, GEOMAR.
European Consortium monitors first in situ test of a pre-prototype collector vehicle in the Pacific
A comb jellyfish Mnemiopsis leidyi. Photo: Cornelia Jaspers /GEOMAR/DTU Aqua
First global study on economic costs of aquatic invasive species published
The deep-sea squid Liocranchia reinhardti lives in shallow waters when young and dives into deeper waters as it matures. This squid species is a known prey species of Cuvier's beaked whales. Photo by Solvin Zankl.
Reconstruction of deep-sea squid communities reveals profitable hunting zones for extreme-diving whales 
Drill cores from the MARUM-Mebo200 are recovered on deck of the RV METEOR. Photo: Christian Rohleder.
Gas hydrate deposits in the Black Sea react to post-glacial climate changes


The scientific drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution during IODP Expedition 351 in the Philippine Sea. Foto: Bill Crawford/IODP.

Unique rocks provide new insights into Earth’s history

Scientists discover a unique type of oceanic basalts at the Izu-Bonin island arc

A man and a woman in work clothes stand at the stern of a ship and hold a scientific instrument in their hands. Glaciers can be seen in the background.  Photo: Bo Barker Jørgensen

Sediments are Nutrient Mediators in Arctic Fjords

Study shows complex interplay between glaciers and the seabed in Svalbard


Expedition #FjordExport

A research expedition despite Corona

Map of the Atlantis II Fracture Zone

A new view on plate tectonics

Nature study finds transform faults play active role in shaping ocean floors

Screenshot video conference GAME 2021

International research and training programme starts virtually

Despite pandemic, the GAME network gains a new partner country

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Happy International Womens Day 2021!

We asked colleagues: Why is it great to work in science? And why do we need more women in science? See the answers in the video

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New leadership at the Women's Executive Board of GEOMAR

On International Women's Day, Prof. Dr. Mirjam Perner and Dr. Christa Marandino present the future of the WEB

Johanna Jöhnk (front right) and Sven Sturm (back) in the workshop of the GEOMAR Technology and Logistics Centre.

On the off-chance to become the best precision mechanic apprentice

Trainees at the Technology and Logistics Centre finish their training with very good marks

View of the stormy Drake Passage from the British research vessel RRS JAMES CLARK ROSS

New factor in the carbon cycle of the Southern Ocean identified

GEOMAR scientists show that besides iron, manganese can also limit the growth of photosynthesis-performing plankton