One of the organisms involved in the metabolic processes of the nitrogen cycle present in the oxygen minimum zone off Peru is the foraminifera species Uvigerina peregrina. Photo: Nicolaas Glock/GEOMAR

Understanding nutrient cycling in the low-oxygen ocean

(Joint press release by Kiel University and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel) 07 February 2019/Kiel.In the world's oceans, there are several large oxygen-depleted areas that scientists refer to as oxygen minimum zones (OMZs). These oceanic regions can encompass millions of square...

Drought or flooding?  In particular, developing countries like  those in the Sahel region of Africa could benefit from reliable near-term climate predictions. The photo shows a country road in Mali. Foto: NOAA via Wikimedia Commons

Starting signal for Near-term climate prediction

30 January 2019/Exeter, New York, Kiel. What will be the weather like tomorrow? Will it be rainy or sun shinesunny? Meteorologists around the world try to answer these questions every single day. That is why they run weather prediction models on a daily basis which result in weather forecasts for th...

The eruption of Sarychev Peak in 2009 seen from the ISS. The eruption transported sulphur gases into the stratosphere. Photo: NASA

Extratropical volcanoes influence climate more than assumed

28 January 2019 / Kiel, Oslo. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 had a significant impact on climate, decreasing global mean temperature by about 0.5°C. Like the famous eruptions of Krakatau (1883) and Tambora (1815), Pinatubo is located in the tropics, which has been considered an important fac...

The Helmholtz Juniors in the GEOMAR Technology and Logistics Centre. Photo: Jan Steffen/GEOMAR

Annual Meeting of Helmholtz Juniors at GEOMAR

24 January 2018/Kiel. This week, 35 doctoral researchers from 18 Helmholtz Centres meet at GEOMAR in Kiel for the Annual Meeting of the Helmholtz Juniors. This initiative represents the approximately 8000 doctoral researchers in the Helmholtz Association. Two representatives from each centre are sen...



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Weather of Kiel at 13:16


Measuring Point Institute

Air temperature: 12,3°C
Water temperature: 4,0°C
Wind direction: 165°, SSE
Wind speed: 4,20 m/s

Measuring Point Light House

Air temperature: 11,2°C
Wind direction: 177°, S
Wind speed: 6,78 m/s