Ammunition on the Baltic seabed. Photo: GEOMAR.
Marine researchers step up activities for underwater munitions detection and disposal
Map of the eastern, tropical North Atlantic with the route of the meteor (Fig. 2) from 13 to 15 September 2015 (black line). The sea surface temperatures of 14 September 2015 are shown in colour, the arrows indicate the direction and strength of the wind at that time. The turbulence measurements with the microstructure probe (image 3) are marked by the light blue diamonds and the position of the PIRATA buoy (image 4) is marked by the light blue star.
Why the ocean in the tropics is often colder than expected
On the basis of investigations directly on the seafloor it was possible to determine the amount of escaping gas. Photo: ROV team/GEOMAR
Stricter guidelines for handling of abandoned wells recommended
Waves in the North Atlantic. Photo: Arne Körtzinger/GEOMAR
A study from Kiel reveals potential and mechanisms

Weather data

Air temperature
20,7 °C
Water temperature
21,2 °C
Wind direction
37 °, NE
Wind speed
3,10 m/s
Air temperature
20,5 °C
Water temperature
19,7 °C
Wind direction
89 °, E
Wind speed
9,37 m/s