Only "Good Fish" belongs on the table

Fisheries Research at GEOMAR

GEOMAR and the United Nations Ocean Decade

"The ocean we need for the future we want"

Hitching a ride to the deep sea

First in-situ measurements of microplastic fluxes help answer “missing plastic” question.

Deep-sea sponge grounds explored on a large scale

Study led by GEOMAR looks at larger ecological context of sponge biomes.

Synergy Grant of the European Research Council

GEOMAR and Harvard break a new frontier in the exploration of marine volcanism.

Our World is the Ocean: The GEOMAR 2030 Strategy

GEOMAR explores the global ocean from the seafloor to the atmosphere

Weather data

Air temperature
6,0 °C
Water temperature
9,0 °C
Wind direction
208 °, SSW
Wind speed
3,90 m/s
Air temperature
7,2 °C
Water temperature
8,8 °C
Wind direction
229 °, SW
Wind speed
6,80 m/s