Gas hydrates in marine sediment. Photo: Archive, GEOMAR.

Gas hydrates in European waters

21 November 2019/Kiel. Natural gas, stored in so-called gas hydrates, can be found on many continental margins worldwide. As part of the MIGRATE (Marine Gas Hydrates: An Indigenous Resource of Natural Gas for Europe) project funded by the European Commission, an inventory of deposits in European wat...

Icebergs off southwest Greenland. Photo: Thomas Juul-Pedersen, GINR

Icebergs as a source of nutrients

20. November 2019/Kiel. The importance of icebergs as an important source of nutrients in the polar regions has long been discussed. Iron is scarce in large parts of the polar oceans, so that an increase in iceberg production as a result of climate change could potentially increase the supply of iro...

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The Polar Regions - The End of the Eternal Ice

07 November 2019/Kiel, Berlin. The new "World Ocean Review 6", published by mare in cooperation with the German Marine Research Consortium and the Future Ocean Network in Kiel, focuses on the dramatic climate-induced changes in the Arctic and Antarctic and their far-reaching consequences for humans ...

Global distribution of ΔCH4 calculated from observational data. From Weber et al., 2019.

How much methane is released by the ocean?

25 October 2019/Kiel. Methane (CH4) is a strong greenhouse gas that has both anthropogenic and natural sources. The ocean also plays an important role. A new study published in the journal Nature Communications by American and German scientists, involving GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research i...



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Measuring Point Institute

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