Core Theme


Ocean and Climate

What is the role of the ocean in the global climate system and how can we improve predictions and scenarios?



Core Theme


Marine Ecosystems and Biogeochemical Cycles

How does climate change alter marine communities and what are the consequences for humankind?



Core Theme


Ocean Threats and Benefits

How can we forecast marine natural hazards and use resources from the seafloor in a responsible way?



GEOMAR: Our World is the Ocean

GEOMAR explores the global ocean from the seafloor to the atmosphere to understand the ocean system and enable the development of sustainable solutions for pressing societal issues. Its research and its commitment to knowledge and technology transfer contribute significantly to preserving the function of the ocean and safeguarding it for future generations.

GEOMAR research covers a unique range of physical, chemical, biological and geological ocean processes. Members of the four research divisions Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics, Marine Biogeochemistry, Marine Ecology and Dynamics of the Ocean Floor cooperate in the three core themes Ocean and Climate, Marine Ecosystems and Biogeochemical Cycles and Ocean Threats and Benefits as well as the four Integrative Research Foci Atlantic Ocean Upwelling, Marine Carbon Sinks, Digital Twin Ocean and Metals in the Ocean. All work focuses on the open “blue” ocean.


GEOMAR Research News

Research vessel POLARSTERN in the Antarctic during the "EASI-1" expedition. Photo: Marcus Gutjahr, GEOMAR

Research vessel POLARSTERN sets course for the East Antarctic

Expedition EASI-2 on ice sheet instabilities is led by GEOMAR

Cover “Best Practices Guide to Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement research”

Speeding up knowledge generation in a transparent and responsible way

Best Practices Guide to Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement Research published in State of the Planet and launched at United Nations Climate Change Conference

An ice edge by the sea in the sunshine

Funding for Cutting-Edge Research in Climate and Marine Sciences

ERC Consolidator Grants awarded to two scientists at GEOMAR

A red deep-sea jellyfish

Deep-sea mining and warming trigger stress in a midwater jellyfish

New study led by GEOMAR provides insight into the effects of sediment plumes