"The ocean we need for the future we want"

The Ocean Decade (2021-2030) announced by the United Nations is an opportunity for the global research community to focus attention on the ocean as part of our future, and it will elevate the visibility of actions towards sustainable development.

The ocean - 70% of our "blue" planet - plays an important role in our lives: regulating our climate, the air we breathe, the water we drink and use every day, food and transport of goods from distant lands, raw materials from the sea, renewable energy, recreation, and fascinating, diverse wildlife – just to mention some aspects that have to do with the ocean. Yet vast areas of the ocean remain unexplored. We want to change this - Our world is the Ocean!

The UN Ocean Decade launched a global campaign: What does the ocean look like that we need to shape the future? The goal is a healthy ocean, full of life, with protected areas – but the goal is also a sustainably used economic area for our everyday lives. This requires ocean research, but we also need you! Learn more about the UN Ocean Decade, what the ocean should look like by 2030 and how you can contribute to making the ocean the way we want it to be in the future. We appreciate your interest!

GEOMAR is a network partner of the Ocean Decade Committee and uses the opportunities for a strong and effective engagement internationally in various Decade programs and projects.




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