Marine Resources

Can massive sulphides, manganese nodules and cobalt-rich crusts at the bottom of the deep sea help meet the global demand for rare metals? Can energy be extracted safely from gas hydrates? What natural substances does marine life and related microbiomes produce? Are sweet water supplies hidden beneath the seabed? The search for new resources for a growing society is closely linked to questions of safe, environmentally compatible and sustainable use. GEOMAR is therefore researching in particular the effects of the development of raw material sources on the seabed and possibilities of environmental monitoring.


News about Marine Resources

Measurements on the ship

Gas eruption of the past helps to understand the ocean floor

Study investigates natural pathways of gases in the North Sea

Research vessel Hercules in the Mediterranean. Photo: A. Micallef.

Groundwater resources off the coast of Malta

Researchers discover fresh water in the Mediterranean Sea

Schematic diagram of the workflow from the discovery of a marine substance to the development of a new drug. From Sigward et al.

Call for action to explore marine biological resources for discovery of new medicines

International team appeals for long-term financial support and strategy to study the potential of marine organisms as life-saving pharmaceuticals

World map with different sized blue circles along all continental margins. The blue circles indicate offshore groundwater deposits.

Will drinking water soon come from the seabed?

New overview study shows potential of global offshore groundwater resources

Bladder wrack. Photo: Larissa Büdenbender

Marine alga from the Kiel Fjord discovered as a remedy against infections and skin cancer

GEOMAR research group successfully applies bioinformatics methods and machine learning in marine drug discovery

Core Theme Ocean Threats and Benefits
How can we forecast marine natural hazards and use resources from the seafloor in a responsible way?


Research Focus Metals in the Ocean
Metals in marine systems are both resources and nutrients, but also indicators of ocean circulation and climate history.


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