Research Funding

The acquisition of funding for the implementation of research ideas is an integral part of the daily work of a scientist. GEOMAR is successful in acquiring external funding from both, national and international sources. It has a total annual budget of about 70 M Euros, more than 35% of which comes from third party research funding. Main funding sources are the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation, as well as the State Schleswig-Holstein, various foundations and the private sector. Third party funds support individual career grants, collaborative projects, expeditions, international exchange, innovative infrastructure.

At GEOMAR we provide support in all aspects of research funding: to identify the appropriate funding instruments for project ideas, determine the resources required, put together a tailored application, and in successful applications facilitate project implementation. We inform about new developments and publications on calls for funding, and carry out seminars on funding instruments and programmes with in-house or external speakers. In carrying out our assignment we are in close cooperation with national and international contact points and networks, as well as the Helmholtz Office in Brussels.

Information about main ongoing GEOMAR projects with third-party funding is available in our project data base.

LINK to the intranet: Information for GEOMAR colleagues.

  • Research Funding (general, focus EU)
    Dr. Alexandra Drossou-Berendes
    Phone: +49 431 600-2808

    Research Funding (COST)
    Dr. Basak Kisakürek Ibsen
    Tel.: +49 431 600-2836

    Research Funding (DAM, DFG, Helmholtz)
    Dr. Anja Reitz
    Phone: +49 431 600-2803

    Postal address
    GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
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