GEOMAR and the  Future Ocean Network  are particularly interested in making the latest marine research accessible to as many people as possible. For this reason, we are involved in numerous permanent and special exhibitions throughout Germany and internationally that deal with the subject of the ocean in whole or in part.


Exhibitons in Germany and internationally

View of the new Room 6 with the theme "The Earth" at the the Natural History Museum Vienna.

Vienna: Natural History Museum

New permanent exhibition

The new "Meeressaal" at Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart

Stuttgart: Naturkundemuseum

New permanent exhibition at Schloss Rosenstein

A model of the luminous deep sea jellyfish Atolla wyvillei, also called "alarm jellyfish". Model: Rolf Spitz. Photo: Senckenberg/Tränkner

Frankfurt: "Deep Sea" und "Marine Research"

Permanent exhibitions in the Senckenberg Natural History Museum