Archive 2022

GEOMAR Director, Chairmen of the Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen Foundation, award winners and GEOMAR Administrative Director

Young cutting-edge research honored by Petersen Foundation

Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen Foundation awards scholarships as well as young talent prizes 2022 for three doctoral theses and knowledge transfer with interactive posters

The Cape Verde Atmosphere Observatory near Calhau, São Vicente, Cabo Verde.

What is the role of gel particles in the formation of clouds?

MarParCloud campaign compares concentrations of transparent exopolymer particles (TEPs) in the ocean and in the atmosphere for the first time

The Agulhas Leakage

The Agulhas Leakage south of Africa holds new surprises

New GEOMAR study investigates decadal variations of Agulhas leakage and their influence on the Gulf Stream system

 GAME Alumni

Providing opportunities for 20 years: GAME program celebrates anniversary

Since 2002, German and international Master's students have been able to learn independent scientific work in a unique way worldwide.

Fish farming

Aquaculture is not the solution to overfishing

Study shows that aquaculture production of fish has already passed its peak

Dye in the water

Greening the ocean to combat climate change

Wave-driven upwelling pump deployed south of the Canary Islands

Satellite image of the Middle East.

Understanding our impacts on the Mediterranean Sea and Arabian Gulf

Trilateral collaboration between universities and research institutes in Israel, United Arab Emirates and Germany agreed at COP27

Congratulating on the Excellence Professorship were (from left to right) Dr. h. c. Klaus-Jürgen Wichmann (Petersen Foundation), GEOMAR Director Professor Dr. Katja Matthes and (from right to left) Dr. Christian Zöllner (Petersen Foundation) and GEOMAR Professor Dr. Mojib Latif. The recipient of the Excellence Professorship, Dr. Friederike Otto, is in the middle. Photo: Sarah Kaehlert/GEOMAR

Petersen Excellence Professorship for internationally renowned climate scientist

Dr. Frederike Otto is honored at the anniversary event marking the 25th anniversary of the Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen Foundation

Global Carbon Budget 2022

No sign of a decline in global carbon dioxide emissions

GEOMAR contributes to the Global Carbon Project report again

Brittle stars on polymetallic nodules.

Researching the environmental impacts of deep-seabed mining

The MiningImpact project has started its expedition SO295 investigating the environmental effects of polymetallic nodule mining on the abyssal seabed.