Benthic Ecology

Structure and Dynamic of Life on the Sea Floor

Contributions to the Mid-Term Research Foci:

1) Chemical Ecology

- Defence against grazing

- Fouling and anti-fouling

- Regulation of defence

2) Ecology of Stress

- Non-biotic stress: climatic change, boundary constraints

- Biotic stress: competition, grazing, epibiosis, and invasive species

- Modulation of stress by environmental fluatuations

3) Ecophysiology

- Abiotic Effects on physiological processes

- Ecological consequences of physiological processes

4) Invasion ecology

- Genetics and ecology of successful invasions

- Invasion modulation by associated organisms )mircrobes, parasites)

- Invasion modulation by global warming

4) Large Scale Projects

- KOB, the Kiel Outdoor Benthocosms 

- The infrastructure:


Methods paper 2015


- Projects:

1. 2012 - 2015 -> Bioacid II & BaltMed: Interactive effects of warming, acidification, eutrophication and hypoxia on coastal benthic communities.

2. May - August 2015: The effect of natural heat waves on coastal benthic communities 

3. Long-term effects of warming on seagrass communities (2016): their potential for re-structuring and recovery.

4. Long term effects of warming (2017) on mesograzer - macro-alga interactions in the Western Baltic

5. Ecological impact of sporadic upwelling (2018) in a warming coastal ecosystem (Aquacosm, EU) [project description and outline]. Kick-off article in Kieler Nachrichten 9.5.2018


- Training and Research Program GAME