Recovery of a sediment trap in the North Atlantic. Photo: Chris Marsay, NOC.

Warming slows down oceanic carbon dioxide uptake

Marine scientists discover new positive climate feedback


Cool deep-water protects coral reefs against heat stress

Internal waves mitigate the increase in water temperatures in the Andaman Sea

Scheme of the tropical Pacific: Strong growth of plankton (1) leads to a high oxygen consumption and extended oxygen minimum zones (2). Ocean currents (3) at a few hundred meters depth provide an influx of oxygenated water from the subtropics (4). Fluctuations of the trade winds (5) influence the strength of these currents. Graphics: Claus Böning, Markus Scheinert, GEOMAR

Trade Winds ventilate the Tropical Oceans

Kiel marine scientists find explanation for increasing oxygen deficiency


New challenges for ocean acidification research

Experts look back at a successful decade and carve out future priorities

Oceanographic data from Antarctica show that warmer water spills onto the West Antarctic continental shelf, where they warm the shelf. Graphic: S. Schmidtko, ed. C. Kersten, GEOMAR

Antarctica: Heat comes from the Deep

Scientists observe rising temperatures on the West Antarctic shelf

The workshop participants in the cabinet chambers of the government of Schleswig-Holstein. Photo: J. Steffen, GEOMAR.

Is deep-sea marine mining an option?

OECD expert meeting in Kiel discussing prospects of marine resources

Since 1957 biological, chemical and physical data are regularly time measured at the time series station Boknis Eck. Photo: J. Steffen, GEOMAR

Baltic Sea: Climate Change counteracts decline in eutrophication

GEOMAR scientists publish the first comprehensive analysis of the time series station Boknis Eck

Schematic of the Ocean Science Center Mindelo. Source: Pedro Gregório Lopes.

Ceremonial Groundbreaking on the Cape Verde Islands

GEOMAR Kiel launches construction of a science center for marine and atmospheric research


A prime location for open ocean research

GEOMAR starts cooperation in science, technology and education at Gran Canary


The oceans’ sensitive skin

Ocean acidification affects climate-relevant functions at the sea-surface microlayer