Committee for controlling the equality plan

In October 2022, GEOMAR's new Gender Equality Plan was published by the Directorate. In this plan, 21 aims are defined for the period from 2022 to 2026 in order to further advance gender equality at GEOMAR. In addition, the Gender Equality Commission was established as a committee to monitor the implementation of the aims and to support the responsible persons. 

Structure of the Commission

The commission meets twice a year (spring and fall). Once a year, the commission receives a short report based on the annual data collection as of 31.12. At mid-term and at the end of the GEnder Equality Plan, a comprehensive report is prepared and made available to the employees of GEOMAR. The results and recommendations of the Gender Equality Commission are presented to the Extended Directorate, the Staff Council, and the heads of the departments of the administration (LAS round).

Tasks of the Gender Equality Commission

  • Monitoring the progress of the objectives (and their measures and indicators) set out in the Gender Equality Plan
  • Identifying difficulties and successes in the implementation of the objectives
  • Making recommendations on the aims and future priorities
  • If necessary, the Commission may urge compliance with the objectives set out in the Gender Equality Plan

Composition of the Commission

  • Representative of the Team Law (leadership)
  • Research Division heads or their deputies
  • Head of Technology and Logistics Center
  • Head of Information, Data and Computing Center 
  • Representation of the Scientific Council 
  • Representation Department of Personnel and Law
  • Equal Opportunities Officer
  • Representation Personnel Development
  • Representation of Staff Council
  • Representation of the Women's Executive Board 
  • Representation of the Gender Equality & Diversity Team

The commission can be supplemented by other stakeholders, e.g. from the Digital Council, Communications and Media or the team assistant´s network (TAN).


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