High Performance Computing

The domain of High Performance Computing (HPC) provides access to scientific high-performance computing and storage systems.

The local resources at GEOMAR currently comprise various virtualized compute servers including GPUs and a data storage of about 2 PB.

In cooperation with CAU Kiel, a hybrid HPC computing system is operated. This system offers high computing power in form of a combination of a scalar NEC HPC Linux cluster (14912 Intel Xeon Cores) including GPUs (5120 NVIDIA CUDA Cores) and a NEC vector computing system (512 Vector Cores) and a shared online disk space of about 10 PB.

Further links and information about the NEC HPC hybrid system.


  • Digital Research Services
    Dr. Andreas Lehmann (Tel 0431 600 1566)

    Research Data Infrastructures
    Dr. Carsten Schirnick (Tel 0431 600 2294)

    Research Data Management
    Dr. Hela Mehrtens (Tel 0431 600 4025)

    High Performance Computing
    Dr. Andreas Lehmann (Tel 0431 600 1566)

    Metadata HMC
    Dr. Emanuel Söding (Tel 0431 600 4256)