Our Values: Gender Equality and Diversity

At GEOMAR, we promote gender equality and diversity as cross-cutting topics to be taken into account in all areas. Gender equality between women and men continues to be a central concern that we want to further advance. A diverse and inclusive work culture not only supports our scientific excellence, but at the same time increases our attractiveness and global influence.


  • Preparation of the 2nd Gender Equality Plan for the entire GEOMAR (science, administration and technology), which already contains some diversity aspects and whose successor will be developed into an "Gender Equality and Diversity Action Plan".
  • Establishment of a family-friendly working culture
  • Promotion of gender mainstreaming in all processes and decision-making procedures
  • Prevention of discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Supporting the advancement of women to leading positions
  • Empowering leaders to take responsibility for gender equality and diversity in their working areas
  • Promotion of conflict-free and inclusive research cruises
  • Establishment of a systematic and sustainable diversity management in line with the GEOMAR 2030 strategy
  • Promote accessibility analogue and digital
  • Improving and shaping equal opportunities for people with disabilities

Various actors are working to advance the topics at GEOMAR.

The Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter), signed by GEOMAR, supports an appreciative and unprejudiced working environment for all.





Since 2017, GEOMAR has held the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for the third time for its commitment to equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace.


The Helmholtz Association promotes an atmosphere of respect and fairness, appreciation and belonging, and safety and openness. To drive these activities even further, Helmholtz have formulated concrete goals, expectations and measures in the Helmholtz Guideline on Diversity and Inclusion.