Universal Platform for Scientific Work at Sea

Based in Rostock-­Warnemünde, her main research areas are the North Atlantic and adjacent oceans. MARIA S. MERIAN is specifically equipped for research in the marginal ice zones of the North Atlantic. She is capable of breaking ice of up to 60 cm thickness, and she can move in between drifting ice floes.

Precise manoeuvrability of MERIAN is provided by a special drive system underneath the hull with two 360° rotating propellers which allow the ship to accurately maintain any position. This is important, for example, when remotely controlled submersible equipment is operated from the deck. Two stabilization systems ensure a comfortable working platform and laboratories for up to 23 scientists, even in rough seas. The ship is managed by Briese Shipping, located in Leer, Germany.

Cruise Schedule FS MARIA S. MERIAN: https://www.ldf.uni-hamburg.de/en/merian.html


    • Owner: State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    • Year of construction: 2006
    • Home port: Rostock
    • Operator: German Research Vessel Control Center
    • Tonnage: 5,573 GT
    • Draft: 6.5 m max.
    • Dimensions: Length: 94.8 m, Width: 19.2 m
    • Maximum speed: 15 kn
    • Engine power: 7,600 hp
    • Operating range: 7,500 nautical miles
    • Time at sea: 35 days
    • Crew: 21 persons | Science: 23 persons
    • Laboratories and scientific rooms: deck laboratory, hangar, dry laboratory, chemistry laboratory, sounding center, computer room, salinometer room, gravimeter room, pulse station, refrigeration laboratory
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