Members of the GEOMAR WEB are all women with responsibility for staff (professors, group leaders, junior professors, scientists on 3+3 houshold positions, administrative leaders) as well as the equal opportunity officer(s). Out of the members, the GEOMAR WEB elects a chairwoman and a substitute as well as a managing board for three years. The managing board consists of another seven members on mainly permanent positions at GEOMAR and evenly distributed over the research divisions. To ensure the link to the target group of young scientists at GEOMAR, one postdoc representative for each research divison take part in WEB activities and planning. The scientific coordinators of running programes in Kiel (HOSST, IMAP, ISOS, SFB, SPP, via:mento) are permanent guests in WEB member meetings and take part in WEB activities.

Executive Committee Members

Postdoc Representatives

PACT Representative

Permanent Board Guest

The following positions will have a permanent right to sit on the WEB board as guests:

representatives of

  • the female GEOMAR PhD students’, 
  • the female GEOMAR postdocs’ (one per research division),

the coordinators of the

  • SFB and SPP,
    (for the run time of each project)
  • mentoring program at (CAU) University of Kiel,
  • postdoc network IMAP from the cluster of excellence "Future Ocean",
  • Helmholtz Research School for Ocean System Science and Technology (HOSST)

and the

  • head of the Integrated School of Ocean Science (ISOS).