Postdoc Team at GEOMAR

Information about the activities of the Postdoc team is distributed via an email list. To be added to the list subscribe here

Are you a postdoctoral researcher at GEOMAR? We welcome and concerns, ideas or suggestions you may have. Please get in touch with one of the Postdoc Team representatives of your RD at any time.


Postdoc Team Elections 2020

We are pleased to inform you that the 2020-2022 Postdoc Team has now been elected! You can see the voting results following this link.

The Postdoc Team is composed of 8 members. Within each Research Division (RD), the candidate with most votes is selected as Postdoc Speaker (in bold). These will make the 4 speakers of the Postdoc Team. The additional 4 most voted candidates (regardless RD) represent the additional 4 members of the Postdoc Speaker Team.


Mission Statement

The Postdoc Team is the institutional representation of all GEOMAR Postdocs (<6 years after PhD) and non-permanent senior scientists (>6 years after PhD).

The Postdoc Team aims to (i) welcome and bring together the postdoctoral and non-permanent scientists at GEOMAR, (ii) promote the recognition and visibility of postdoctoral and non-permanent scientists as key contributors and drivers of research at GEOMAR, (iii) give voice to their needs and concerns while actively suggesting solutions to address those issues.

These aims translates in the following specific tasks:

  • Identify and address postdoc needs and issues. For example, one pertinent issues is measuring and mitigating the impact of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic on early career scientists.
  • Represent the postdoctoral researchers and their interests within GEOMAR. Postdoc representatives are permanent guests in the Scientific Council (currently Dr. Philipp Brandl and Dr. Cathleen Schlundt) and are in regular contact with the Board of Directors and the Directorate of GEOMAR.
  • Connect to other committees at GEOMAR (e.g., Staff Council, DokTeam, WEB, etc.).
  • Work closely with the Postdoc Academic Career Support Center (PACT) in career support and promotion. For example, we hold regular meetings and provide input on career workshop topics.
  • Foster networking within the postdoctoral community at GEOMAR as well as promote networking with other postdocs in Kiel and at other Helmholtz Centers.