Postdoc Plus Team at GEOMAR

How to get in touch?

Information about the activities of the Postdoc Plus team is distributed via an email list. To be added to the list please write to postdoc-speaker(at)

Are you a postdoctoral researcher at GEOMAR? We welcome any concerns, ideas or suggestions you may have. Please get in touch with one of the Postdoc Plus Team representatives of your RD at any time.


Postdoc Plus Team Elections 2023

The latest elections took place in November 2023. 

Currently the Postdoc Plus Team is composed of 8 (9) members, encompassing the four Research Divisions (RDs) at GEOMAR:

Mission Statement

The Postdoc Plus Team is the institutional representation of all GEOMAR Postdocs (<6 years after PhD) and non-permanent senior scientists (>6 years after PhD).

The Postdoc Plus Team aims to (i) welcome and bring together the postdoctoral and non-permanent scientists at GEOMAR, (ii) promote the recognition and visibility of postdoctoral and non-permanent scientists as key contributors and drivers of research at GEOMAR, (iii) give voice to their needs and concerns while actively suggesting solutions to address those issues.

These aims translate in the following specific tasks:

  • Identify and address postdoc needs and issues. The most important issue on our current agenda is the amendment of the "Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz", regulating the fixed-term employment of scientists in Germany. If you want to get involved into the discussion, please get in touch with us!
  • Represent the postdoctoral researchers and their interests within GEOMAR. Postdoc representatives are permanent guests in the Scientific Council and are in regular contact with the Board of Directors and the Directorate of GEOMAR.
  • Connect to other committees at GEOMAR (e.g., Staff Council, DokTeam, WEB, etc.).
  • Work closely with the Postdoc Academic Career Support Center (PACT) in career support and promotion. For example, we hold regular meetings and provide input on career workshop topics.
  • Foster networking within the postdoctoral community at GEOMAR as well as promote networking with other postdocs in Kiel and at other Helmholtz Centers. For example, we organize the Espresso Talk series and engage in the FYORD program.


Responsibilites within the Postdoc Plus Team

Cooperation with PACT

  • PACT Advisory Board: Wanxuan (Ben) Yao, Pilar Madrigal Quesada, Katharina Pank, Margarita Liadova

GEOMAR Directorate

  • Scientific Council, Science Advisory Board, Director: Jenna Balaguer, Katharina Pank, Pilar Madrigal Quesada, Margarita Liadova

Communication and Networking

  • Website and mailing list: Franz Kanngießer, Séverine Furst, Jennifer Nascimento-Schulze
  • Interest groups (WEB, Staff Council, DokTeam, Parents, etc.): Mariana Andrade, Pilar Madrigal Quesada, Jennifer Nascimento-Schulze, Franz Kanngießer, Katharina Pank
  • External postdoc networks (Helmholtz, CAU): Jennifer Nascimento-Schulze, Franz Kanngießer
  • Espresso Talk series: Pilar Madrigal Quesada, Séverine Furst, Jenna Balaguer

Focus groups (current topics/working groups)

  • Gender equality and diversity: Mariana Andrade, Jennifer Nascimento-Schulze




  • Espresso Talks


every two months, next dates:

09.07.2024 1 - 2 pm, room 8A-101
11.09.2024, 1 - 2 pm, room 8A-101
12.11.2024, 1 - 2 pm, room 8A-101

  • Creative Connection and Networking meeting

27.06., 3 - 5 pm, room 5-1.214
followed by visit to Kieler Woche
(jointly with Dok Team)

  • Postdoc Appreciation Week (PAW)

16 - 20.09.2024

More info: