MSC Climate Physics

Topic List for potential Master's Thesis


Here you will find current topics of interest in our research area that may be used as a basis for a Master's thesis.

If interested, please contact one of the persons named.

  • "How will El Nino/Southern Oscillation change under global warming"
    Contact: M. Latif
  • "How to best protect Europe against sea-level extremes and future sea-level rise using mega dams"
    Contact: Joakim Kjellsson


    Other topics on request from professors of Climate Physics:

    Prof. Dr. Arne Biastoch
    Prof. Dr. Peter Brandt
    Prof. Dr. Martin Claus
    Prof. Dr. Joakim Kjellsson
    Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif
    Prof. Dr. Joke Lübbecke
    Prof. Dr. Martin Visbeck