Biogeochemical Modelling: Overview

Our research unit Biogeochemical Modelling aims for reliable assessments of impacts of past and likely future climate variations on biogeochemical cycles and their feedbacks in the Earth system.

We investigate the transport and cycling of elements within the ocean, primarily of climate-relevant biogeochemical tracers like carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen.

For our research, we develop ecological and biogeochemical models, we assess and calibrate them in local and global context and apply them to investigate the sensitivity of ecology and biogeochemistry to global change.

We apply numerical models that differ in their complexity: simple process models, advanced optimality- and trait-based physio-ecological models, and coupled biogeochemistry-circulation models of the ocean. Data assimilation and parameter optimisation methods are used for rigorous model evaluations.

Our team consists of scientists and students with different scientific backgrounds covering  various fields such as marine biology and ecology, chemistry, physics or mathematics aiming for understanding the impacts of global change.