Your GEOMAR DokTeam

We are the DokTeam, representing you and around 170 other doctoral researchers (DRs) at GEOMAR. So you may be wondering who’s ‘we’ in the DokTeam 2024?



Estela Monteiro

RD 2: Marine Biogeochemistry

Phone: +49 431 600-1872
Email: emonteiro(at)

Hi hi! My name is Estela, I come from Brazil, where I got my Bachelor’s degree in Oceanography. I moved to Kiel in 2019 for my master studies at GEOMAR, and have been a doctoral researcher here since autumn of 2022. My research focuses on exploring and modelling future net-zero and temperature stabilisation scenarios. A funny fact about me is that I will always describe everything as being the most superlative thing in the entire world (example given). 


  • directorate, staff council
  • SAB, Scientific Council, Social Events, FYORD



Janne Scheffler

RD 4: Dynamics of the Ocean Floor

Phone: +49 431 600-1916
Email: jscheffler(at)

Hi there! I’m Janne - a doctoral researcher targeting volcanoes and tsunami modelling. I studied (marine) Geosciences before continuing with my PhD at GEOMAR. You can find me on the water (sailing or surfing) or nerding around with random facts on science-fiction movies.


  • Survey Group of the Helmholtz Juniors
  • Newsletter and social media
  • PostDoc Speaker Contact
  • Organizing social events



Luisa Meiritz

RD 1: Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics

Phone: +49 431 600-2309
E-Mail: lmeiritz(at)

Hello there! My name is Luisa. I am a PhD student at GEOMAR since summer 2022. Before that I studied geosciences at the University of Hamburg where I graduated with my master in 2021. My PhD focuses on the reconstruction of bleaching events in fossil and modern corals with a diverse physico-geochemical tracer set. Random fact about me: I am collecting sand from around the world and have a cupboard with over 300 sand samples from different locations!


  • Scientific Council, Equal opportunities and HSE
  • Website and Intranet, Newsletter and Communication



Marjan Ghotbi

RD 3: Marine Ecology 

Phone: +49 431 600-4405
Email:  mghotbi(at)
Hi there! This is Marjan. I did my Bachelor’s and first Master’s degree in fisheries sciences in Tehran, Iran. Afterwards I joined a project on biocontrol of plant’s parasites by means of enhancing pathogenicity of fungal isolates, which was a turning point in my life where I found my core interest in microbiology. That’s why I moved to Kiel, and did my second master’s thesis on microbiome of Baltic fish as a new source of marine natural products. At present, I am doing my PhD at GEOMAR, studying algae-microbiome interactions. I am truly fascinated by microbial life and  inter-domain cross talks; host-microbe and microbe to microbe interactions.


  •  Social Event, out-reach, MarDATA
  •  SAB and Staff Council



Tabea Rahm

RD 1:  Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics

Phone: +49 431 600-1937
E-Mail: trahm(at)

Hi everyone :) My name is Tabea and I moved to Kiel in 2016 for my Bachelor’s. In 2023, I finished my Master’s in Climate Physics and started as a doctoral researcher in the Marine Meteorology group. In my research, I look at climate model simulations to better understand the impact of climate change on wind and solar energy resources. One of my favourite foods is Lasagna.


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  • Directorate
  • HSE/Mental Health



Yinuo Zhang

RD 4: Dynamics of the Ocean Floor

Phone: +49 431 600-2666
Email:  yinzhang(at)

Hi, I’m Yinuo. I’m doing my PhD at GEOMAR through the CAS-DAAD joint scholarship since 2023. My research focuses on marine geodynamic modeling, analyzing seafloor morphology and geophysical data, and observing interaction models in the mid-ocean ridge area. I’m learning to play tennis and the guitar now.


  • Helmholtz Juniors
  • PostDoc Speaker, MarDATA
  • FYORD representativ
  • Outreach, Equal opportunities and Staff4Diversity contact