Your GEOMAR DokTeam

We are the DokTeam and represent you and around 100 other doctoral researchers (DRs) at GEOMAR. So you may be wondering who’s ‘we’ in the DokTeam 2021?



Helene Hilbert

RD 4: Marine Geodynamics

Phone: +49 431 600-2325
Email: hhilbert(at)

Hej, my name is Helene. I have been in Kiel since my Bachelor studies of Physics of the Earth System and I stayed for my Master in Geophysics. In my doctoral project I study crustal structures in the Mariana arc-back arc basin by using Ocean Bottom Seismometer data. In my spare time I enjoy being among my friends, hiking and doing water sports.



  • Keep DokTeam in contact with other representative groups at GEOMAR
  • Moderate the DokTeam mailing list
  • Organizing social events
  • Keep you posted on events and news


Mareike Körner

RD 1: Ocean Dynamics

Phone: +49 431 600-4158
Email: mkoerner(at)


Hello, my name is Mareike. I came to Kiel in 2013 to study physical oceanography. After finishing my master degree in 2019, I started as a doctoral researcher at Geomar in January 2020. My research interests are the dynamics of the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Especially the mechanism of the eastern upwelling regions are of central interest of my work.



  • Representing the community of doctoral researchers in the scientific council
  • Organizing social events


Thore Sager

RD 4: Marine Geodynamics

Phone: +49 431 600-2325
Email:  tsager(at)

Hi, my name is Thore. I studied geoscience at Aarhus University and graduated with a degree in structural geology and tectonic inversion in 2019. In my project I study the evolution and development of submarine landslides including their trigger mechanisms and pre-conditioning factors. I enjoy playing badminton and running in my spare time.



  • Part of Helmholtz Juniors 
  • Communicating with the directorate and administration of GEOMAR


Katharina Unger Moreno

RD 4: Magmatic and Hydrothermal Systems

Phone: +49 431 600-2866
Email:  kunger(at)

Hi, my name is Katharina. I came to Kiel in July 2020 for my doctoral project. The research is about the petrology of oceanic transform faults and modelling magmatic processes within these structures. In my free time I enjoy being at the beach and just meeting up friends.



  • Communicating with the directorate and administration
  • Keeping the DokTeam in contact with other committees such as equal opportunities at GEOMAR


Kim-Sara Wagner

RD 3: Marine Evolutionary Ecology

Phone: +49 431 600-4573 (currently: -4557)
Email: kwagner(at)

Moin, my name is Kim. I came to Kiel in 2017 for an internship in marine evolutionary ecology and stayed for my master studies in Biological Oceanography. In December 2019, I started my doctoral project on the evolution of male pregnancy in Syngnathids (pipefishes and seahorses) with a focus on the transfer and function of microbiota. When I am not snorkelling in the Baltic Sea, feeding fish or pipetting things in the lab, you can find me practicing/teaching martial arts or cycling around Kiel.



  • Keeping you up to date through our website, mailing list and social media (currently only Facebook... but more to come!)
  • Representing the doctoral researchers in the scientific council
  • Communicating with the PostDoc Team and the Equal Opportunity Office at GEOMAR
  • Collaborating with other status groups in the COVID-19 measures focus group


Fabian Wolf

RD 3: Experimental Ecology - Benthic Ecology

Phone: +49 431 600-1599
Email: fwolf(at)

Moin everyone, I am Fabian and I came to Kiel in 2015 for the master study program Biological Oceanography. After graduation I obtained a scholarship from the DBU to fund my doctorate on the impact of extreme events (marine heatwaves and hypoxic upwelling events) on benthic communities in the Western Baltic Sea. When not working, I enjoy running at the Fjord, hiking and playing badminton.



  • As I obtained a scholarship myself, I have a good idea about problems and struggles being an external scholarship holder. Therefore, I am very much interested in improving the situation of external scholarship holders at GEOMAR.
  • Furthermore, I am representing the community of GEOMARs doctoral researchers at the Helmholtz-wide network of Helmholtz Juniors.