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Sometimes friend, sometimes foe

Research network DynaSym investigates relationships in plankton communities

A pale-red squid with large eyes and eight thick, orange arms drifts in the water column. The squid’s cone-shaped mantle has white scars above the eyes and is pointing to the left side of the frame. The squid’s arms are held above its body and are cradling a gelatinous brown sheet that contains several round, yellowish-white eggs. The background is dark blue water with numerous small yellowish-brown flecks of drifting organic debris.

Underwater robots discover deep-sea squid that broods giant eggs

During an expedition to the Gulf of California, researchers observed a previously unknown species of squid carrying a cluster of exceptionally large eggs

Picture of seaweed under water

Novel Genetic Clock discovers oldest known marine plant

Seagrass clone in the Baltic Sea is more than 1400 years old

Claim World Claim World Oceans Day and images of deep-sea oganisms

Dive into fascinating deep-sea habitats

New video offers exciting insights into exploring the depths of the ocean

Schülerinnen mit Schnochel-Ausrüstung in der Kieler Förde

Research meets education

The SNORKELING.CITY project introduces school kids from Kiel to life in the Baltic Sea