OpenFOAM & HydrothermalFOAM

We are increasingly using the OpenFOAM platform for our porous media calculations. Recently we have developed the HydrothermalFOAM model, which is a single phase hydrothermal flow model that facilitates making 2-D and 3-D simulations in complex geological settings. The model is open-source and further information can be found here: and here

We are also using OpenFOAM for Navier-Stokes type problems; for example, to make fluid-dynamic simulations on pore space data obtained by micro-CT imaging.

H2O-NaCl equation-of-state

We have implented the Driesner and Heinrich, (2007) equation-of-state and optimized it for use in reactive transport models simulating magmatic hydrothermal systems. Preliminary implementation can be found here and here

HTX_XX code family

We have been developing a suite of MATLAB-based hydrothermal flow models. The single phase codes HT2_SP and HT3_SP resolve single phase hydrothermal transport of pure water. The HT2_NR code, implements a Newton-Raphson scheme and is capable of resolving boiling of pure water. The HT2_Salt code is the newest member of the family. It is based on the complex EOS of seawater and resolves two- and three-phase fluid states.

Hydrate formation

We are using a suite of MATLAB codes and a novel multiphysics 3-D model based on the DUNE/pdelab framework to resolve gas migration and hydrate formation in marine sediments.


We have recently transitioned from using in-house 2-D and 3-D lithosphere dynamics finite element models to relying on the open-source community code ASPECT. We now use it for most of our geodynamic simulations. Further information can be found here:

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