We are teaching several courses for geophysics and geoscience master students at Kiel Universtity. Since most teaching is done online these days, we have turned some of our courses into open-access online lectures:

HydrothermalFOAM Lecture

Introduction to Finite Element Modelling in Geodynamics

Feel free to contact us if you are having any questions. Just send an emai or rach out via the course's github page.

Information on our other courses on:

  • Numerical geodynamics with finite elements
  • Sedimentary basin analysis
  • Introduction to Marine Geology

can be found in the Univis of Kiel University. 


  • Prof. Dr. Lars Rüpke

    GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
    Wischhofstr. 1-3
    Building 12/ Room: 227
    24148 Kiel

    Phone: +49-431-600-2845
    E-Mail: lruepke@geomar.de


    Marion Liebetrau

    Building 12/ Room: 341
    Phone: +49-(0)431-600-2847
    Fax: +49-(0)431-600-2941
    E-Mail: mliebetrau@geomar.de