Dr. Anna Roik

Research Division 3: Marine Ecology | Research Unit: Marine Symbioses

Room: HB-002 (Hohenbergstraße 2)
Phone: +49 431 600-4472
Fax: +49 431 600-4482

Email: aroik(at)geomar.de

Website: annaroik.org

Mailing Address: Hohenbergstraße 2, 24105 Kiel


Marine species are associated with complex and host-specific microbial communities, however the implications of many such metaorganism associations (or 'holobionts') are yet unknown.

My current research projects investigate the ecology and functioning of marine metaorganisms, focusing on reef building corals that form high-biodiversity ecosystems in tropical oceans, but are acutely threatened by ocean warming.

My research addresses the question how the coral host and microbial associates interact with each other and with environmental change.

Particularly, during times of anthropogenic climate change, it is a compelling goal to elucidate whether new beneficial bacterial associates and/or probiotics may aid corals to rapidly acclimatize/adapt to environmental change and thus promote coral climate resilience.


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  • Microbiome research, molecular ecology and ecophysiology
  • Shallow-water corals physiological plasticity and stress responses
  • Deep-sea corals physiological plasticity
  • Ecosystem functioning of coral reefs and abiotic-biotic interactions
  • Coral reef monitoring using surveys and benthic instalments of ocean sensors
  • 16S amplicon profiling (bacterial community & microbiome studies)
  • Scientific approach to developments in coral reef restoration strategies: application of coral reproduction and recruitment biology, and probiotics
  • Marine biofilms


  • Southern Caribbean, Island of Curaçao
  • Central Red Sea, KSA
  • Andaman Sea (South East Asia), Phuket Island, Thailand


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