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Composition Air quality Climate inTeractions Initiative (CACTI): Emissions to Response


The overall goal of CACTI is to quantify and advance the scientific understanding of the global and regional forcing, climate and air quality responses, and Earth System feedbacks due to atmospheric composition and SLCF emission changes. Specifically, our research contributes to any of the three specific CACTI goals to:

  1. Characterize ERFs and assess adjustments from historical and future changes in atmospheric composition and SLCFs emissions in global models
  2. Quantify the climate and air quality responses to global and regional changes in SLCF emissions
  3. Understand the Earth System feedbacks through chemistry and aerosols in response to anthropogenic climate change

CACTI addresses several cross-cutting topics relevant to the specific goals. In particular, to enhance scientific understanding, CACTI endeavors to explore and characterize uncertainty and inter-model diversity in the model responses. This initiative will also evaluate the performance of models against a suite of observations to build confidence in their fitness for the purpose of the specific goals. Additionally, CACTI will respond to the need for policy-relevant information related to the mitigation of SLCF emissions.


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