Marine mud volcanoes contribute a large portion of the material fluxes between the seafloor and the oceans and due to their high internal dynamics and fast changing morphology, mud volcanoes represent a marine geohazard. In order to investigate the seafloor-manifestation, spatial extent, and temporal evolution of mud volcanism, high-resolution seafloor and sub-seafloor imaging techniques are required. In this proposal we would like to utilize AUV data combined with gravity cores and 2D/3D seismic reflection and ocean bottom seismometer data from already completed expeditions (POS499, POS515, M112) at several mud volcanoes of the Calabrian accretionary prism to investigate the dynamic processes of mud volcanism. The objectives of the studies are on the interactions of geological, physical, and chemical processes at mud volcanoes by observing ongoing changes and reconstructing past evolution in order to improve estimates of mud extrusion and gaseous and dissolved methane emissions with time. Seismic data are used to image the mud volcano structure and roots and are linked to existing data defining a stratigraphic framework over the past 6 Ma. These results are combined with seafloor micro-bathymetry and backscatter from AUV observations, acoustic water column gas flare mapping, and gravity cores defining stratigraphy, expulsion rate, and pore-fluid chemistry. This will yield estimates of total mud extrusion, expulsion rates, and chemical fluxes from depth to seafloor.


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