Dr. Jan Muschiol

Support Scientist

RD3: Marine Ecology
RU Ocean EcoSystems Biology

Tel.: +49 431 600 4408
E-Mail: jmuschiol(at)geomar.de

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
Wischhofstr. 1-3
Room 1.427
24148 Kiel

List of publications

Articles in peer-review journals

  • C. Bachy, F. Wittmers, J. Muschiol, M. Hamilton, B. Henrissat, A. Z. Worden, 2022: The land-sea connection: insights into the plant lineage from a green algal perspective, Annual Reviews of Plant Biology 73:585-616.
  • V. T. D. Trang, M. D. Mikkelsen, M. Vuillemin, S. Meier, H. T. T. Cao, J. Muschiol, V. Perna, T. T. Nguyen, V. H. N. Tran, J. Holck, T. T. T. Van, H. H. N. Khanh, A. S. Meyer, 2022: The Endo-α(1,4) Specific Fucoidanase Fhf2 From Formosa haliotis Releases Highly Sulfated Fucoidan Oligosaccharides. Frontiers in Plant Science 13:823668.
  • M. Vuillemin, J. Holck, M. Matwiejuk, E. S. Moreno Prieto, J. Muschiol, D. Molnar-Gabor, A. S. Meyer, B. Zeuner, 2021: Improvement of the Transglycosylation Efficiency of a Lacto-N-Biosidase from Bifidobacterium bifidum by Protein Engineering, Applied Sciences 11:11493.
  • M. D. Mikkelsen, H. T. T. Cao, T. Roret, N. Rhein-Knudsen, J. Holck, V. T. T. Tran, T. T. Nguyen, V. H. N. Tran, M. J. Lezyk, J. Muschiol, T. D. Pham, M. Czjzek, A. S. Meyer, 2021: A novel thermostable prokaryotic fucoidan active sulfatase PsFucS1 with an unusual quaternary hexameric structure, Scientific Reports 11:19523.
  • J. Muschiol, M. Vuillemin, A. S. Meyer, B. Zeuner, 2020: β-N-Acetylhexosaminidases for Carbohydrate Synthesis via Trans-Glycosylation, Catalysts 10:365.
  • J. Muschiol, L. Munk, K. Li, M. Liu, A. Perzon, S. Meier, P. Ulvskov, A. S. Meyer, 2020: Selective Enzymatic Release and Gel Formation by Cross-Linking of Feruloylated Glucurono-Arabinoxylan from Corn Bran, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8:8164-8174.
  • B. Zeuner, M. Vuillemin, J. Holck, J. Muschiol, A. S. Meyer, 2020: Improved Transglycosylation by a Xyloglucan-Active α-L-Fucosidase from Fusarium graminearum, Journal of Fungi 6:295.
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  • B. Zeuner, D. Teze, J. Muschiol, A. S. Meyer, 2019: Synthesis of Human Milk Oligosaccharides: Protein Engineering Strategies for Improved Enzymatic Transglycosylation, Molecules 24:2033.
  • J. Muschiol, A. S. Meyer, 2019: A chemo-enzymatic approach for the synthesis of human milk oligosaccharide backbone structures, Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C 74:85–89.
  • Y. Huang, X. Zheng, B. Pilgaard, J. Holck, J. Muschiol, S. Li, L. Lange, 2019: Identification and characterization of GH11 xylanase and GH43 xylosidase from the chytridiomycetous fungus, Rhizophlyctis rosea, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 103:777–791.
  • R. Mehra, J. Muschiol, A. S. Meyer, K. P. Kepp, 2018: A structural-chemical explanation of fungal laccase activity, Scientific Reports 8:17285.
  • J. Muschiol, S. B. Jamek, J. Holck, B. Zeuner, P. K. Busk, J. D. Mikkelsen, A. S. Meyer, 2018: Loop Protein Engineering for Improved Transglycosylation Activity of a β-N-Acetylhexosaminidase, ChemBioChem 19:1858–1865.
  • Z. Zhang, J. Muschiol, Y. Huang, S. B. Sigurdardóttir, N. von Solms, A. E. Daugaard, J. Wei, J. Luo, B.-H. Xu, S. Zhang, M. Pinelo, 2018: Efficient ionic liquid-based platform for multi-enzymatic conversion of carbon dioxide to methanol, Green Chemistry 20:4339–4348.
  • B. Zeuner, M. Vuillemin, J. Holck, J. Muschiol, A. S. Meyer, 2018: Loop engineering of an α-1,3/4-L-fucosidase for improved synthesis of human milk oligosaccharides, Enzyme and Microbial Technology 115:37–44.
  • B. Zeuner, J. Muschiol, J. Holck, M. Lezyk, M. R. Gedde, C. Jers, J. D. Mikkelsen, A. S. Meyer, 2018: Substrate specificity and transfucosylation activity of GH29 α-L-fucosidases for enzymatic production of human milk oligosaccharides, New Biotechnology 41:34-45.
  • S. B. Jamek, C. Nyffenegger, J. Muschiol, J. Holck, A. S. Meyer, J. D. Mikkelsen, 2017: Characterization of two novel bacterial type A exo-chitobiose hydrolases having C-terminal 5/12-type carbohydrate-binding modules, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 101(11):4533-4546.
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  • J. Muschiol, H. Mallin, E. Byström, U. T. Bornscheuer, 2013: Efficient Biocatalysis with Immobilized Enzymes or Encapsulated Whole Cell Microorganism by Using the SpinChem Reactor System, ChemCatChem 5(12):3529-3532.
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Other publications

  • J. Muschiol, 2019: Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction – eine neue Methode für die Erzeugung thermostabiler Enzyme? (Journal club contribution), BIOspektrum 25:52.
  • L. Lange, J. Lindedam, 2017: The Fundamentals Of Bioeconomy: The Biobased Society. (Die Grundlagen der Bioökonomie: Die biobasierte Gesellschaft; German translation in collaboration with IG BAU and J. Muschiol, DTU), published by United Federation of Danish Workers 3F, Order-No: 6075-1.
  • N. Oberleitner, C. Peters, J. Muschiol, F. Rudroff, M. D. Mihovilovic, U. T. Bornscheuer, 2016: A three Enzyme mediated RedOx Cascade for the production of Normal Carvo-Lactone, in Practical Methods for Biocatalysis and Biotransformations 3 (Eds.: J. Whittall, P. W. Sutton, W. Kroutil), John Wiley & Sons Ltd., pp. 222-226.
  • H. Mallin, J. Muschiol, E. Byström, U. T. Bornscheuer, 2013: SpinChem: A Novel Reactor Concept For Biocatalysis, BRG Newsletter 12:4-5.