After servicing the OBS, the team of expedition SO244 of the German research vessel SONNE re-deploys an ocean bottom seismometer off the coast of northern Chile. Photo: Jan Steffen/GEOMAR
GEOMAR scientists publish unique data set on the northern Chilean subduction zone
A bleached reef-building coral of the genus Porites. These coral species are important builders of most reefs in the entire Indo-Pacific region. Due to increasingly prolonged heat waves and more extreme temperatures, corals and thus marine ecosystems in the tropics are already on the verge of collapse. Photo: A. Roik
Probiotic approaches could protect corals against heat stress
The new deep-sea rover PANTA RHEI during its first sea trials in the Baltic Sea. Photo: Florian Huber
DSR PANTA RHEI completed first trials in the Baltic Sea
Deep-sea shrimp with a pyrosome on the sea floor. Photo: JAGO Team, GEOMAR.
New study led by GEOMAR provides fascinating insight into a largely unknown marine life form