The clean-lab has two rooms and an entrance hall. It is furnished with clean air through H14 filters. The air pressure is slightly higher than the normal pressure to avoid contaminations.

One room is mainly used for sample preparations (digestions, drying) and cleaning of lab-stuff. Two fume hoods are used for acid-works and two laminar-flow-boxes for clean-preparations.

Four boxes with hot plates are installed in one of the fume-hoods, which are furnished with filtered pressurized air. Digestions and drying of samples can therefore be carried out in very clean conditions. A red-light drying device is installed in the same room. It is has 12 completely separated positions for very clean drying of samples.

The MilliQ-device furnishes the lab with 18MOhm clean water.

The second room has three laminar-flow-boxes. They are mainly used for column chromatography to separate Sr, Ca, and U-Th, respectively. Additionally, Pb, Nd and Mg column-chromatography can be done there.

Two centrifuges, two different mixers, a drying cupboard, a titration unit, anultrasonic-bath  are available in the clean lab.

Volatile optimized clean-lab

For chemical preparation and element extraction routines at low blanks of volatile elements a specialized clean lab cabin supplied by active carbon H14 filtered clean air provides two independent horizontal laminar flow boxes.

The lab is equipped with box-integrated teflon still for purification of HCl and HNO3 and with internal and external low-volatile-blank MQ-water supply.