Microbiology and biotechnology facilities

Microbiology and biotechnology facilities

o   Standard microbiology laboratories, equipped for L2 and S1 work including autoclaves, laminar flow microbiological workbench

o   6-fold parallel fermentation device for process development (Multifors, Infors)

o   300L- Pilot scale fermentation (Techfors, Infors) and respective cleaning in place (CIP)

o   10 L fermenter (Biostat, Braun)

o   Flow through process centrifuge (Z61, CEPA)

o   Cross flow filtration for 50L batches

o   Spray dryer (B-290, Büchi)

o   Diversity of shakers and incubators

o   Incubation rooms

o   Homogenizers (French Press, cell mill, Pulverisette)

o   - 80 °C and -100 °C freezers, Liquid nitrogen storage

o   Microscope (Axioscope 40, Zeiss)

o   Molecular lab including thermocyclers (T200, Biometra), electrophoresis equipment and imager (Intas)