Dynamics of the Ocean Floor

Seismic sources

At the institute GEOMAR two types of airguns developed by the company Sercel are used to get seismic data, the G.GUN and the GI GUN.

The GI GUN is a pneumatic seismic source, made up of two independent air guns within the same casing, used to control and reduce bubble oscillations. The first air gun is called the generator, as it generates the primary pulse and creates the bubbles. The second one is called the Injector, as it injects air inside the bubble.

Each gun has its own reservoir, its own shuttle, its own set of exhaust ports, and its own solenoid valve.

A common hydrophone provides both the time break and the shape of the near field signal. This gun phone is located inside the bubble and responds to the actual air blast of the GI GUN, without being affected by the neighboring guns.

Sercel brochure

GI Gun


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