If no other information is provided, the seminars are scheduled at 10 AM every last Friday of the month in the lecture hall, east shore campus.



April 22, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Amir Haroon: "Automated SMS Detection using Integrated Machine Learning and Geophysical Workflows: Revisiting TAG"


March 25, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Konstantin Reek: " Joint integration of velocity and resistivity information to improve gas hydrate quantification - A case study from SO266"


February 25, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Nico Augustin: "Inshallah - The search for hydrothermal activity in the Red Sea"


January 28, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Yueyang Xia: "Imaging the Subducting Seamounts in Java Margin from Depth Migration, Reflection Tomography, and Depth Warping"