Thomas J. Browning

Group leader ERC Starting Grant / Senior Scientist

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel,
Wischhofstraße 1-3 | Bld. 12 / r.321 / D-24148 Kiel,

Tel: +49 431 600-1289
Email: tbrowning(at)

Research division 2: Marine Biogeochemistry (Chemical Oceanography)


Research profile

2022–          Group leader ERC Starting Grant

2021–          Senior scientist permanent position (GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany)

2017–2021  Senior scientist (GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany)

2015–2017  Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow (GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany)

2010–2014  DPhil (University of Oxford, UK)

2006–2010  MSci (University of Bristol, UK)


I am interested in the controls on phytoplankton abundance, ecology and physiology in the ocean. To do this, our team uses a highly multidisciplinary combination of fieldwork (mostly open ocean research cruises), phytoplankton culturing experiments, diverse analytical techniques, numerical analysis and simple modelling. This is supplemented by a combination of satellite remote sensing and analysis of climate model output.

Postdoctoral researchers:

•    Jenna Balaguer (2023-): ERC Starting Grant (Ocean Glow) postdoctorial researcher
•    Brandy Robinson (2022-): ERC Starting Grant (Ocean Glow) postdoctorial researcher
•    Zuozhu Wen (2021-): CSC Postdoctoral fellow working on the controls on oceanic N2 fixation

Current students:

•    Angele Nicolas (2023–): Masters supervisor, Project: Nutrient biogeochemistry of SE Atlantic filaments
•    Anjala Gammanpila (2022–): Ph. D. co-supervisor, Project: Phytoplanton-trace metal interactions
•    Haoran Liu (2022–): Ph. D. co-supervisor, Project: Nutrient limitation in the South Pacific Ocean
•    Zhongwei Yuan (2021–): Ph. D. co-supervisor, Project: Nutrient limitation of phytoplankton growth rates

Previous postdocs/students:

•    Juliane Tammen (2022–2023): Masters supervisor, Project: Decoupling nutrient limitation regimes using active fluorescence signatures
•    Xuechao Wang (2018–2022): Ph. D. co-supervisor, Thesis title: ‘Resolving iron co-limitation of phytoplankton productivity in the oligotrophic ocean’
•    Caroline Utermann (2015) was a MSci student helper for one of my projects in 2015, leading to her co-authorship on a manuscript.
•    Callum Higgins (2013–2014, University of Oxford): MSci thesis co-supervisor (1st class); phytoplankton culturing project investigating the impact of pH on calcification/photophysiology.


If you are interested in our research – as a student, postdoc, or collaborating scientist, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


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Book chapters

Achterberg, E.P., Browning, T.J., Gledhill, M., Schlosser, C. Transition Metals and Heavy Metal Speciation (2019). Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences (3rd Edition). K. Cochran (Ed.).


Contributing author to IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere 2020 (Chapter 5: Changing Ocean, Marine Ecosystems, and Dependent Communities)

Invited seminars

'Oceanic nutrient limitation: Recent discoveries in the Atlantic', AWI, Bremerhaven, Germany (14th May 2018)

'Oceanic nutrient limitation: Recent discoveries in the Atlantic', Xiamen University, China (7th May 2018)

‘Phytoplankton response to volcanic ash fertilisation in the Southern Ocean’, Atmospheric and Marine Biogeochemistry seminar series, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, UK (13th October 2014)

‘Southern Ocean phytoplankton: mapping iron stressed communities from space and strong responses to volcanic ash supply’, Polar Oceans seminar series, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK (July 16th 2014)

‘Mapping iron stress from space and potential manganese limitation in the Southern Ocean’, POETS seminar series, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK (June 26th 2014)

INDO-MARECLIM winter school winter school on climate change and variability, marine ecosystems and coastal zone management: ‘Strong responses of Southern Ocean phytoplankton communities to volcanic ash’, Cochin, India, (2–7th November 2013)

Current community contributions

Second speaker for POF Subtopic 6.3 (The future biological carbon pump)

Lead session chair: ‘Distribution and impacts of ocean nutrient limitation’, ASLO Summer Meeting Palma de Mallorca, Spain, June 2021 (rescheduled to online meeting)

Associate Editor for Frontiers in Marine Science (Marine Biogeochemistry)

Reviewer for >20 journals