Prof. Dr. Martin Wahl


Tel.: (0431) 600-4500
Fax: (0431) 600-1671
Room: 108 (Hohenbergstraße 2), 24105 Kiel

Mail to:

Helmholtz Zentrum for Ocean research
Research Unit: Benthic Ecology
Düsternbrooker Weg 20
24105 Kiel



Research foci


  • Ecology of epibiotic associations
  • Settlement pressure and antifouling strategies
  • Epibionts as modulators of environmental stress
  • Seasonality of fouling pressure and fouling defense

Stress ecology

  • Abiotic and biotic stressors
  • Interaction among multiple stressors
  • Biotic interactions as modulators of abiotic stress
  • Role of spatial and temporal variability

Direct and indirect interactions

  • Interactions as "ecological levels"
  • Variability of interactions

Chemical interactions

  • Pro- and antifouling
  • Defenses against feeding

Global change and diversity

  • Role of genetic, taxonomic and functional diversity
  • Changing diversity
  • Invasion ecology
  • Strucutral and functional shifts of communities

The question of scales

  • Micro: interface ecology
  • Macro: regional and global comparisons
  • Temporal: frequency vs amplitude of fluctuations







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