Micropaleontology lab

The micropalaeontology laboratory of the Research Unit Paleoceanography is a facility for micropalaeontological sample preparation. Intention is to allow for a reliable quantification of all remains of organisms within a sediment sample. The laboratory at room 8/D-116 offers all necessary facilities for the preparation of calcareous microfossils (foraminifera, ostracods, pteropods) and the initial preparation for diatom or nannoplankton microscopic slides. Fume hoods in other laboratories are available for the preparation of organic, siliceous, and phosphatic organisms and their remains (dinoflagellates, pollen, diatoms, radiolarians, conodonts, and fish teeth), where aggressive chemicals (acids, lyes) may be applied.

Additional facilities comprise an automated extraction line for biogenic silica in sediments, the TURNER fluorometer for the determination of chlorins (chlorophyll and decay products) within sediments, and a SediGraph for grain size analyses.