Physical Oceanography

Regional Aspects of Ocean Circulation

North Atlantic Circulation:

In the North Atlantic Ocean, the warm surface currents from the south collide with the cold waters from the Norwegian Sea and the Arctic. Here is where the most important transformation of warm water masses into cold deep water takes place, more

Tropical Atlantic

Climate research in the tropical Atlantic is trying to find answers to several pressing questions of great social, economic and environmental importance: What are the dominant climate-related fluctuations in the tropics, what mechanisms drive them and what processes are responsible for such changes?   more...

Atlantic Overturning Circulation

The Gulf Stream is part of the Atlantic overturning circulation, which makes the biggest oceanic contribution to the heat supply to the northern hemisphere. According to climate predictions this heat conveyor belt will have weakened substantially by the end of the 21 Century. Only in recent years we have managed through the use of novel, moored measurement systems to capture the strength and variability of this heat conveyor belt continuously ... more