Individual Project #1


Boaz Lazar, HUJI, Israel
Mutaz Al-Qutob, AQU, Palestinian Authority
Moti Stein, GSI, Israel
Ludwic Halicz, GSI, Israel



Determining the mechanisms and degree of Sr isotope fractionation in continental rocks and soils using sequential leaching experiments



The sampling will cover soils, their bedrocks and water from the Judea-Samaria anticline (Terra Rossa and Rendzina) as well as dust material that is currently blown to the region during major dust storms. Additionally, Triassic laterites will be sampled from the Ramon crater in the Negev Desert. Sequential leaching of soil and rock samples from these various terrains will allow us to identify the mineralogical-chemical association of particular δ88/86Sr values. The experiments will include slight leaching in acetic acid (attacks the carbonates), stronger leaching by HCl (dissolves iron oxides) to total dissolution by HF and HNO3 (attacks the silicate phases e.g. silicate dust particles).